First time visitor to Madison, few questions


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Aug 25, 2021
Hello Badgers,

We are making the trip to Madison for the opener, been wanting to make this road trip for years, finally worked out with timing. Always heard so many positives from friends who have been there for games. We had a few questions:

1: We are staying at Hawthorne Suites Fitchburg, it says 4 miles and 15 minutes to Camp Randall, was wondering how easy it is to get a cab, bus or Uber/Lyft from that area on a gameday.....we'll be up and at 'em pretty early for an 11am local kick, most likely out of hotel and on way by 6am.

2. Is the stadium walkable from campus or pretty far off site? Are there places to grab a beer or some food on way in from campus if so?

3. What are some must sees/must do on campus?

4. If public transport/ride sharing is not an option, where can you get parking on gameday and how early do lots usually open?

Thanks in advance for any help, looking forward to the trip and FINALLY seeing some live football again